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3 Tips For Packing Up Your Kitchen Before Moving

Packing up your kitchen for a long distance move is significantly different from packing up other rooms. The kitchen not only contains appliances, but you also have to worry about food and other knick-knacks that are spread throughout the room. To help you get started on packing your kitchen, here are a few tips on how to proceed.  

Pack an Essentials Box 

Unless you are planning to unpack all of your kitchen furnishings on day one at your new home, you need to set aside some basic kitchen supplies that you can use until you can unpack. You do not have to cram all of your furnishings in the box, but just enough to get you and your family through a couple of days.  

For instance, you should have enough plates and flatware for each person. You should also include dish towels, dish detergent, and other supplies that you and your family need to clean the kitchen. Mark the box and pack it in your car. If you place it in the moving truck, you could lose sight of it once all of your belongings are unpacked in the new home.  

Sort the Food Items 

Ideally, you and your family should try to use any perishable food items before you move. A family dinner or cookout can help you get rid of a large share of it. After the dinner, you need to go through all of your food and toss anything that has expired. The remaining food can be donated or taken with you to the new home.  

If you do opt to take the food to your new home, you need to ensure it is securely packed. Frozen food should not be transported during the move. The food could spoil and be unusable by the time you reach your new home. The rest of the food should be placed in plastic bins to prevent bugs from getting into the food.  

Use the Original Packaging for Appliances 

If you have any of the original packaging for your appliances, use it. The packaging is specially designed for each appliance and is the safest means of transporting it. If you do not have the original packaging, look for boxes that are close to the size of each appliance.  

Before placing the appliances in the boxes, take the time to clean them. Cleaning them prevents bugs from riding along. It also helps to protect the interior and exterior of the packaging. Wrap the more fragile parts of the appliances in bubble wrap.  

Your long distance movers can help you with further packing and unpacking your household items for the move.