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Ways That Your Staff Might Expect You To Respond After A Team Assessment Survey

When you own a business, distributing assessment surveys to your workforce allows you to get a better sense of their sentiments about their work, each other, and more. It's important to realize that you work on this subject doesn't end once you've distributed and collected the surveys. After your employees have completed their surveys, they'll be eager to see how you respond. While you don't need to completely change your business practices just because of some of the survey answers, you need to take what your employees have said seriously. Here are some ways that your staff members may expect you to respond to their completed surveys.

Changing The Way That Work Gets Done

One of the best ways that a team assessment survey can be valuable to you is to understand what changes you may need to make in how work gets done. This survey allows staff members to critique workflow issues and perhaps even offer some suggestions about how to speed up different processes. If you're consistently seeing the same types of responses as you evaluate the surveys, you should meet with your leadership team to identify the strongest proposed solutions and begin implementing them in a pilot project manner.

Making Personnel Changes 

A good team assessment survey includes questions about personnel, so it may be evident to you that there's a shining star in your midst. Be cognizant of which staff members continuously get mentioned in a favorable light as you scan through the survey results. It's possible that the person who is highly respected among your peers hasn't hit your radar in terms of considering him or her to be management material, but this may quickly change. Consider more carefully evaluating this person and perhaps moving him or her into an expanded role as suggested in the surveys.

Terminating Unfavorable Practices

The team assessment survey might be the best venue for your employees to bring unfavorable practices to your attention. For example, if you run a sales team and require your salespersons to write and submit sales reports at the end of the week, you may hear multiple people stating how these reports are time-consuming to complete and it feels as though management is using these reports to snoop on them. In the interest of freeing up your staff members and ideally improving your relationship with them, you might want to get rid of these reports.

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