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Virtual Home Inspections: What You Should Ask

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. The real estate industry has taken a huge hit because of this. If you are interested in buying a home, coronavirus makes it difficult to visit a home in person. Luckily, virtual home tours have made it possible to look at homes and determine if a home is to your liking or not. However, what about a home inspection? Well, a home inspection can be done virtually as well. However, because a virtual home inspection is so different than being there in person, you may find yourself overlooking some questions that you want to ask. Here are a few that you should ensure you ask.

What Is the Quality of the Appliances and Fixtures?

When you are not in the home to see for yourself, it can be difficult to tell the quality, condition, age, and brand name of the appliances and fixtures in the home from a video feed. Therefore, it is important to specifically ask for this information from the home inspector. Requesting this information will provide you with a good idea of the overall quality of the home as well. When a seller has invested in quality fixtures like stainless steel, you can likely infer that they have taken of the home as a whole.

When Were the Recent Renovations Performed and to What Extent?

If you can tell or have been told that there were renovations performed recently, find out what they were exactly and to what extent the renovations were performed. This allows you to find out what exactly has been improved upon since the home was last purchased. The renovations may help the value of the home, which makes it a good investment for you.

What Type of Repairs and/or Improvements Are Needed?

When purchasing a home, you have a strict budget that you must stick to. Therefore, this is by far one of the most important questions to ask the home inspector. You must know heading into the purchase what type of home repairs and/or improvements are necessary. For instance, does the home need a new roof? Is there significant structural damage that needs to be repaired? Is there extensive plumbing or electrical work that is necessary? These things can be rather expensive and put a huge dent in your budget. If you decide to move forward with that particular home, you should make serious negotiations on your offer.

For more information on virtual home inspections, contact a professional in your area.