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Three Ways Your Office Chair Could Be Working Against You

You're motivated, focused and ready for the challenge. However, for some reason, once at your desk, your productivity levels seem to suffer. You might not be the problem—it could be your chair. An office chair is more than a place to sit, it's a highly functional piece of equipment that is directly related to your ability to perform. Don't let your chair get in your way because of any of the following problems.

Insufficient Back Support

When you're experiencing discomfort, it's hard to focus on the task at hand. If you are experiencing back pain after sitting in your chair for an extended period of time, it could be that your chair doesn't have sufficient back support. If the back support area of the chair is flat, this is probably the case.

A chair with a curved back is best because it matches the natural curve of your spine, providing greater support and minimizing any discomfort. It's also best to choose a chair with a back that reclines should you need to adjust the support level throughout the day.

Wrong Material Selection

Office chairs are available in a range of material options, with leather and mesh being the more common selections. Some people look at material exclusively from a comfort standpoint, but choosing the wrong material can cause you to be uncomfortable in terms of temperature, only furthering your productivity issues.

Leather might be plush and seem like the ultimate in comfort, but in a working environment that is humid and hot, it will be quite uncomfortable. In this type of environment, mesh is actually a better option because it is breathable, keeps moisture from building up, and keeps you more comfortable.

Poor Positioning

A chair that doesn't offer any positioning controls can also limit your ability to be productive. Unless you're a robot, you don't sit in the same position in your seat all day. A good chair is one that you can alter as you change positions throughout the day.

For example, if you need to be at one level when you are writing and reviewing files, but need to be slightly higher when using the computer, you want this flexibility to move from height to height without having to overextend your body. Office chairs with controls that allow you to adjust the height and angle of the chair are best.

If your chair is working against your work goals—it's time to upgrade. Make sure you choose a chair that will allow you to perform your best.