Chipboard or Corrugated Cardboard: Which One Should You Choose?

Figuring out the best way to package and ship your merchandise can be a challenge. Not only does the design of your packaging merit consideration, but so does the type of material that will actually make up the packaging. Being light weight, exceptionally durable, and aesthetically pleasing are just a few of the many attributes you're likely looking for when choosing the best packaging solution. Corrugated cardboard and chipboard are two potential solutions that offer their own unique advantages and downsides.

7 Key Questions To Consider When Renting An Air Compressor

If you are using a pneumatic nail gun for construction and carpentry work (either professionally or as a do-it-yourself project) an air compressor is a crucial tool for your work. Your air compressor rental will help you with everything from spray painting jobs to upgrading moldings and much more. However, not all air compressors are alike, and your construction equipment rental agency may have several models from which to choose from.