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5 Tips For Saving Money While Planning The Funeral For Your Parent

If your parent has passed away and you are responsible for planning their funeral service, then you will be pleased to know there are many choices you can make that will save your family a lot of money. While no one enjoys this task and it is always hard to make decisions during this emotional time, these tips will help you:

Tip: Consider Cremation or Skip Embalming and Opt for a Closed-Casket Service

If you want to save money on your parent's final expenses, then you should strongly consider opting for cremation. Cremation is much less expensive than a burial because it does not require:

  • a plot of land
  • a casket
  • an underground vault

However, if you choose to opt for a burial, you can always skip the embalming and go with a closed casket for the service.

Tip: Buy the Casket or Cremains Container from a Third Party

If you have always assumed that you have to purchase a cremains container or casket from your local funeral home, then you are mistaken. By federal law, you can purchase these items from anywhere you choose. If you are a member of Costco, they offer these items for much less cost, as do online stores such as Amazon. 

Tip: Shop Around and Compare Prices Between Funeral Homes

Funeral homes are for-profit businesses and as such all have their own price list for services. For this reason, you should shop around at various funeral homes in your area and compare their prices with each other. You can save a lot of money on a traditional funeral service for your parent by simply following this one tip.

Tip: Ask a Friend or Relative to Provide the Music

To help save money on the music at your parent's service, you can ask a relative or friend to play the piano or sing at the service if you know someone who is musically inclined. If you do not know anyone who could do this for you, then you can always opt to use recorded music. 

Tip: Consider a Celebration of Life Service at an Alternative Location

Finally, nothing says that you need to have your parent's service at a funeral home or church. You can always have a memorial or celebration of life service at an alternative location such as your home or at a local park. This often makes for a more personalized service and can be done without having to pay for the location itself.

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