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Seeking A First Job? Use These Employment Readiness Tips

Finding your first job after college is an exciting proposition; after all, being able to earn a good living after being a student can be empowering. Ensure that you make a good impression during your search by using these pointers.

Prepare for the Interview

You probably already know you should probably not show up for a professional interview in jeans, but dressing well is just the beginning. You also should understand that you need to prepare in other ways. Rather than just bringing a resume and pen with you, it is a good idea to bring your knowledge of the company you're interviewing with. Check out their website, know who their competitors are and have some idea of how you will bring value to their company. For instance, if you're interviewing for a marketing position, you might come up with some suggestions or make up a mock presentation that you can present to your interviewer. Not only will this show that you're truly interested in the position, but it will also set you apart from the applicants who just show up in a suit and are only prepared to answer questions about themselves.

There will, of course, be questions about your problem-solving skills and employment history. The key to acing common interview questions is to have some memorized answers to them. For example, you know they are likely to ask about employment gaps; know what you'll say so you don't get flustered. If you need more time to answer, take a deep breath before you start speaking.

Ask Questions

In order to be happy at your first job, you have to remember that any interview isn't only about whether you're right for the company. It's also an opportunity for you to determine whether the company is right for you. Ask questions that help you understand what life would be like if you did get the job. For instance, what kind of retirement package would you receive? Is overtime required? How long do employees have for lunch? What is the process if you have a conflict with another employee? These questions are important so that you can make a smart decision if they do offer you the position.

Seeking your first job can set you on the right course for your adult life. Talk with employment readiness consultants, such as at Career Opportunities, and experts for more guidance so that you can land a job you're happy with.