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Answers To Basic Questions About Document Shredding Services

Your business may need to handle numerous pieces of sensitive information when meeting the needs of its clients or customers. Often, this information will need to be written on physical documents. When it comes time to dispose of these documents, it is important to ensure that the sensitive information that is stored on them is unable to be recovered by criminals or other individuals that may come into possession of these documents once they are thrown away. To help address these risks, it is possible to use a document shredding service.

What Do You Need To Do To Prepare The Documents For Shredding?

In order for a shredding service to be able to process your documents, it will be necessary to prepare the documents. Otherwise, they could jam or otherwise damage the shredding equipment. Luckily, this is a fairly simple task as the shredding equipment from these providers is designed to handle most types of paper. However, it will still be necessary to remove any staples or other bindings from the paper. This is particularly true when the staples are heavy gauge designed for use on thick stacks of documents.

Will You Need To Haul Your Documents To The Shredding Provider's Building?

While document shredding services can be extremely effective at safely destroying documents with sensitive information, some individuals will be worried about the inconvenience of using these services. In particular, they may assume that they need to haul their large collection of documents to the shredding service's facilities. Yet, this is often unnecessary. Many shredding services are able to offer their clients a mobile option. With this option, the shredding service will come to your location for this work. This can be both more convenient and secure.

What Happens To The Remnants Of The Documents?

It is a common concern for business owners to be worried that criminals or other individuals will be able to reconstruct the information on these documents. However, it is extremely difficult for shredded documents to be reassemble. This is particularly true when the documents were shredded with commercial grade shredding equipment. These devices use shredders with blades arranged in a criss-crossing pattern. After the documents are destroyed, you will have the option of allowing the shredding service to dispose of the remnants. In addition to being more convenient, this may also be more secure than disposing of these materials in your business's dumpster due to the fact that competitors, criminals or other unsavory individuals may go through your trash in an attempt to recover this information.

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