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Caring For Your Sewing Machine

For those that enjoy making, repairing or altering their own clothing, a sewing machine can be an essential device to own. However, individuals will frequently take these machines for granted, which can lead to damages and other general performance problems.

Understand The Benefit Of Keeping The Sewing Machine Covered

Dust is a major threat to sewing machines. This dirt can block the ventilation for the machine, which can lead to overheating. Also, the dust can absorb the lubricant on the moving parts, which can lead to increased friction and damage. A cover will be able to block these particles from getting on the sewing machine. If you will be putting the sewing machine in long-term storage, you may want to invest in a hard container to furthermore protect the sewing machine between uses.

Immediately Stop Using The Machine When The Thread Starts To Tangled

Having a thread get tangled is a common problem for any sewing machine. If you notice that the threading is starting to get tangled, you should immediately stop using the device. Individuals that attempt to continue using the sewing machine with the tangled threading can severely jam the machine. In extreme cases, this can damage it due to the strain that it will put on the machine. If your machine experiences tangled threading, you will need to be as thorough as possible when removing it. Otherwise, you could force some of the thread deeper into the machine when you attempt to use it.

Keep The Foot Pedal Clean

It is common for sewing machines to use a foot pedal as the primary way of controlling them. Unfortunately, these pedals can become extremely dirty over time, and this may cause them to stick or otherwise be unresponsive when you are using them. This can increase the risk of making mistakes when you are sewing that could ruin your garment or lead to jams and tangles. After each time that you use the foot pedal, it should be wiped clean with a damp cloth so that any dirt from your shoe will be removed.

Avoid Using A Bent Needle

Bent needles are another problem that sewing machines can suffer. This bending can occur as a result of the needles being improperly stored or simply due to wear and tear. If your needle has become bent, it should be changed before the sewing machine is used. In addition to tearing the fabric, a bent needle can also cause the needle to become jammed or stuck. Keeping spare sewing needles that fit your machine available will make it easy to quickly repair this routine issue.

Contact a sewing machine repair service for help caring with your sewing machine.