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Are You Hosting An All-Girl Evening?

Are your old college roommates gathering at your house for your yearly get-together? Or, it might be that you are simply having some of your best friends over while the guys attend a sports event. No matter the reason that you are hosting an all-girl evening, you might be looking for unique activities for this special event.

From arranging for a create your own fragrance workshop to doing each other's makeup to end the event, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a totally fun evening. 

Plan A Private Party Event - Do you have a favorite store where you buy your bath and body products? If so, you might have been surprised to find out that some stores also will come to your house to help you and your friends learn more about their products. And, to add to the fun, a representative from the store can even help each of you to create your own fragrance.

The store's representative will more than likely bring a large selection of the store's more popular bath and body products for you to sample. In addition, he or she will probably also bring new products or products that aren't well known. Your guests will have the luxury to trying things like hand and body lotion and they might even be given samples to try once they are at home.

Probably the most fun will be when your guests get to experience scents that are created with each person in mind. For example, if one of the girls at your party loves floral scents, then a rose-scented fragrance can be created just for her. If another girl loves a more woodsy scent, then sandalwood might be one of the ingredients in creating her own fragrance.

The frosting-on-the-cake is finding that creating your own fragrances is probably more affordable than any of you thought it would be. Secure a private party workshop for your next get-together to get started on the fun!

Do Each Other's Make-up - When you ask your friends to come to your house for your private party event, ask them if they will also bring some of their favorite cosmetics. At the end of the party, after the representative from the bath and body company has packed up and left, have fun by trying colors and looks that you've never tried before. For example, one of the girls at your party might always wear very neutral lipstick colors, and might be pleasantly surprised to see that she looks great in red lipstick.

Obviously, you'll want to consider the germ factor. Think of having cotton-tipped wooden sticks so that you can all use those in trying each other's cosmetics.