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How To Attract More People To City Events

If you are in charge of organizing city events, you probably feel a lot of pressure to make sure plenty of people attend. After all, from renting porta potties to arranging for food, planning one of these events is a ton of work, and you don't want that work to go to waste. So what are some strategies you can use to boost attendance?

Ask local businesses to advertise for you.

If there are local businesses who will be supplying food, activities, or other amenities for the event, ask that they advertise the event in exchange for the publicity the event is providing them. They can post flyers in their shops, hand out cards to customers, or even just post on social media about the event. If the customers of these local businesses see the business owners getting excited about your city-wide event, then the customers are going to share in that excitement.

Extend the hours.

Keeping the event open for another couple of hours may cost a bit more, but it will also draw in more people. Everyone has different work schedules and obligations to work around. If you close down the event at 3 PM, then those who don't get out of work until 4 PM can't attend. Try to run an event for the entire day, if possible. If this is tough for budget reasons, then consider keeping only some portions of the event open longer. For instance, maybe you have to stop serving food at 6 PM, but you can keep serving drinks and keep the craft fair portion open until 8 PM.

Offer something for the kids.

Often, citywide events appeal to adults, but those adults don't end up coming because the kids are not so excited to attend. Offer something for the kids to do, and your attendance will grow. This could be something as simple as a face painting booth, a few lawn games, or a story-telling circle. Advertise the child-friendly events heavily so that all potential attendees know they're being offered. Make sure you serve some kid-friendly food at the event, too. The adults may love ramen and sushi, for example, but you have better also offer some burgers and hot dogs for picky little ones!

If you follow the strategies above, you should see increased attendance at your city-wide events this year. Good luck, and remember to enjoy the planning process, even though it can be cumbersome.