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Use An Outdoor Stair Lift To Provide Easier Access To These Locations

While indoor stair lifts are a common option for people who seek an easier way to get around their homes, many people appreciate outdoor stair lifts, too. You'll typically find that stair lift companies specialize in both indoor and outdoor models, which are different in design but similar in function — to help you get up and down a flight of stairs easily and safely. If you have stairs outside of your home and you're interested in an outdoor stair lift, talk to a local company that sells and installs these devices. Here are some areas to which an outdoor stair lift can provide easier access.


For a lot of homeowners, the deck is directly outside of the home on the ground floor, making it easy to access. However, there are scenarios in which you have to descend a flight of stairs to get to the deck. This may be the case if your home is built on a steep hill, for example. You may find that you've been spending less and less time on the deck because of mobility challenges, but it doesn't have to be this way. An outdoor stair lift that runs along the stairs that connect the deck to your home will allow you to once again enjoy spending time in this outdoor area.

Pool Area

You may also have a pool area that is accessible by a set of stairs. This design, too, is common for a sloped yard. It's possible that you avoid going to the pool area because of concerns about navigating the stairs. Whether you want to simply sit by the pool and watch your grandchildren splash around, or you have a water exercise regimen that helps with your mobility issues, you'll want to be able to access the pool area easily and safely. Doing so will be possible with an outdoor stair lift.


Houses that are built on the water but that have steep yards will often have stairs that lead down to the dock. Getting to the dock isn't just about going boating or fishing — many people have family gatherings in this outdoor space, and you may miss out if you don't feel comfortable navigating the stairs. An outdoor stair lift that runs along the stairs leading down to your dock will allow you to get to this desirable location to enjoy the many types of fun that it can offer. Browse the outdoor stair lift models that are available through your local provider and request a price quote for the installation work.