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3 Places That Can Provide Great Used Pallets

If you have a project that requires pallets — whether it's for transportation or some type of shelving — used pallets are a great option. You may be able to get them for free, especially if you consider these sources throughout your search.

Grocery Stores

It's pretty common for grocery stores to have a bunch of used pallets just sitting in the back. These materials help transport goods, but some pallets can break in the process and thus are set aside to be discarded later. 

If the pallets aren't in too bad of shape, you may be able to use them still in the project that you're working on. Even if the pallets look abandoned, you still want to get permission from the store owner or manager before taking these pallets off their property. Then you won't have any guilt.

Construction Sites

There are a lot of construction materials that are shipped on pallets. It's thus not uncommon for pallets around construction sites to pile up. There are probably a bunch of construction sites in your area and you'll want to drive by them to see if there are used pallets that you can repurpose.

Just make sure you don't enter the construction site if it's marked off or has gates keeping people out. Instead, you need to find areas of the construction site that are open to the public. Like with grocery stores though, get permission from the onsite manager before taking these pallets for your own personal use.

Third-Party Marketplaces

If you want to save yourself a difficult and time-consuming search, then you'll want to use third-party marketplaces to find used pallets that you can possibly use for free. A lot of users will post pallets on these sites. Sometimes, they won't cost a thing and then other times they'll offer a lowered price.

Either way, you want to consider these marketplaces early on in your search so that you have an easier time finding used pallets. Just make sure accurate descriptions of the pallets are provided so that you don't waste your time on pallets that are too damaged to work for your project.

There are all sorts of places that you can use to find used pallets. The trick to having an effective and convenient search is knowing what platforms are appropriate for the area you're around. Then you can search and find a lot of success, potentially not having to spend a dime on these materials. 

For more information, contact a local used pallets supplier.