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Propane Supply Company: Two Factors To Consider Before Changing Your Propane Supplier

There are several reasons you may want to change your propane supply company. In most cases, consumers switch propane supply companies to get a better supply deal from a different company.

Changing to a different propane supply company is as easy as terminating the previous contract of your old supplier and signing a new contract with a new propane supply company. However, before making the switch, there are several factors you should consider that may affect the smooth transition to a new propane supply company.

Here are two essential factors you should consider before making the transition to a new propane supplier.

Is Your Current Propane Tank Leased?

When signing up with a propane company, you can lease the propane storage tank or buy it from the company. If you own the propane tank, switching your propane supplier is relatively more straightforward than if you are leasing the tank.

If you lease the tank, you can have your current propane supply company remove the tank so that your new supplier can install one of their own. Thus, you will incur the uninstallation and retrieval fees for the tank. Additionally, you might experience some propane supply shortage after the old tank gets removed and before the new one gets installed. Hence, you might want to schedule the removal and installation of both the old and new tanks on the same day to avoid an interruption of your propane supply.

Suppose you own the old tank. If this is the case, you also have two options. You can purchase or lease a new tank from the new propane supplier, or you can ask the new supplier to use the tank you already own instead of getting a new one from them. Generally, most propane supply companies will insist you get a new tank from them. However, it is essential to note that leasing a new tank is better because it means the liability and servicing of the tank fall on the new propane supply company.  

Timing and Cost of Terminating a Supply Contract

If you terminate your current contract with a propane supply company before the agreement's expiration date, you will have to incur additional costs. The costs include:

• A termination fee

• A pump-out fee

• A pickup fee 

The last two fees are because the propane company has to come and get the tank and because it must get emptied before it is removed from your property. Hence, to minimize the cost of switching propane supply companies, it is advisable to wait until the current contract's expiration date instead of terminating it prematurely. Once the contract has expired, you will incur fewer fees when removing the tank. For more information, contact a company like APOLLO PROPANE INC.