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4 Reasons To Use Reusable Face Shields In The Workplace

Face masks and shields have become a way of life for businesses that deal with walk-in customers. They have been proven as the first line of defense in protection against airborne viruses. But the downside to everyone wearing masks is that they have become an environmental problem. You can do your part by encouraging the use of reusable face shields in your business. There are several reasons to adopt this protective gear over single-use masks.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Single-use masks have become a global pollution menace. Poor disposal means they are littered on sidewalks and in parks, parking lots, even public seating spaces. In addition, most single-use masks are made using cheap synthetic fibers. These masks do not degrade quickly, which makes them a menace for public drainage systems. 

Reusable face shields are more environmentally friendly because fewer of them are in use. A high-quality reusable face shield can last for several months.  

Save Money 

The health authorities recommend changing a single-use mask twice a day. While a single piece costs a few cents, your workplace will need hundreds of them per year, which can rack up your expenses quickly. For a small business, this is an avoidable cost.

Face shields are only slightly more expensive than disposable masks, but their durability differs by far. A reusable face shield can last for several months. They are easy to maintain by washing with water and detergent or wiping down with an antiseptic. This can save businesses hundreds of dollars. 


Some people resent the blue uniformity of single-use masks. They are effective but unfashionable. Many people also complain they are restrictive, which makes them wear these masks under the chin. It leaves the users exposed to the danger they are trying to prevent. 

Reusable face shields are more friendly because they leave the nose and mouth unrestricted. They are more comfortable for people with respiratory difficulties like asthma. A face shield allows them to breathe easier through both the nose and mouth. 

Harder to Forget

Most people leave their disposable masks behind from forgetfulness. You will place it somewhere nearby and forget it. Then, if you need one, you fish another one from your bag. It adds to the pollution problem. 

Reusable face masks are hard to leave behind because they attach to your head for the larger part of the day. You can also attach labels to the face shields to make it easier to return displaced face shields to their owners.

Would you like to protect your team more sustainably? Consider using reusable face shields instead of disposable masks.