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Business Video Planning Tips

The digital age provides many opportunities for business owners to reach their targeted audience, without needing to speak on queue or set up a public event that pertains to the products or services that are being offered. A business video can make a strong impact and can be viewed by people worldwide. Use the tips below to help you plan an effective video ad campaign.


The production of a commercial may involve broadcasting information on a local or global channel. With this type of advertisement, you may be limited to how often your advertisement will be played. Additionally, there will be cost variables that could interfere with your ad campaign's success. A video advertisement that will be posted on a social media site can be prepared professionally or non-professionally.

This type of advertising may require an initial investment, such as one that involves the purchase of audio video equipment, lighting, and a video producer. Unlike a commercial ad, an online ad will not require the use of a broadcast schedule. Anyone who views the link to a video advertisement can choose to watch the ad at a time that is convenient for them. 

Brevity And Captions

Long advertisements that contain complex visuals and dialog can confuse viewers or even dissuade them from watching an advertisement in entirety. A brief advertisement may not seem overbearing and will appeal to both those who have time on their hands and those with a busy schedule. Using simple phrases, branded wording, and a captioning feature will make a video suitable for viewers of all ages.

Before a video is made, the message that you want to convey should be outlined. This should include writing down who will be in a video, the dialog that will be spoken, and any props that will be used. The length of a video should also be decided. You may choose to limit your first advertisement to one or two minutes. Viewing other brief commercial ads that are featured online may help you choose some techniques that you would like to include in your own production.

After the recording process is complete, editing should be performed. Editing will allow you to include or omit various parts of an advertisement. During the editing process, captioning can be added to the recording. The captioning will provide those who are deaf or hard of hearing with critical information while they are watching your online advertisement.

For more information on business videos, contact a video production company.