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Where Does DBA Manufacturing Software Fit In Your Process?

DBA manufacturing software allows companies to integrate a wide range of processes into a single structure. If you're looking at employing a DBA manufacturing software package, you should be aware of how things will fit together. Consider how these 6 processes will work within a unified setup.


The centerpiece of this approach is a demand-driven manufacturing method. Consequently, the ability to develop bills of materials for all orders is critical to that approach. You will have a detailed workup of every order and its inputs and costs. Similarly, you'll be able to track the flow of materials to ensure all necessary inputs are in place in a just-in-time system. The net effect is improved efficiency without a decrease in capacity availability.


By employing DBA manufacturing software, you can automate the projection process. The system will assess how manufacturing processes work so it can project expenses, profits, and timelines. It will also examine second-order effects to modify projections as the environment changes. If supply chain issues slow down key inputs, the projections will reflect the situation to ensure your operation doesn't over-promise orders.

Inventory Control

A major part of using an on-demand model with just-in-time ordering is maintaining control of your inventory. The DBA manufacturing software package will work to keep inventory at an optimal level. You will also have access to reports and detailed tracking of the state of your company's inventory.


DBA manufacturing software also integrates the sales process. It can provide instant quotes for projects, even ones with high levels of customization. As orders move through the system, the package can notify the customer of progress. They will get manufacturing acknowledgments, packing information, and tracking data so they can follow the whole process.

On your end of each sale, the software integrates billing, customs, and taxes. You can quickly check the state of your operation, produce reports, or seek data insights.


Processes need to be as lean as possible to minimize waste and hit shipping targets. You can use the software to assess processes, identify bottlenecks, and plan improvements. Even if you're integrating a new process or taking on a highly customized order, the package will make a well-informed estimate of what's needed. You can then plan the work based on the system's guidance.

Data Transfer

You will want to transfer the data from the DBA manufacturing software to your accounting, payroll, and receivables departments. The package will push necessary information to ensure your financial systems are always on the same page.

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