Cheap Date Ideas For When You Want To Spend Time With Your Date But Don't Have Much Money

Dating can be expensive when you dine in upscale restaurants and go to the movies or nightclubs all the time. However, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money to have fun on a date. Whether you're on a first date, or you're a married couple looking for something fun to do on date night, you can probably find something free or cheap to do. Here are some cheap date ideas. [Read More]

Are You Hosting An All-Girl Evening?

Are your old college roommates gathering at your house for your yearly get-together? Or, it might be that you are simply having some of your best friends over while the guys attend a sports event. No matter the reason that you are hosting an all-girl evening, you might be looking for unique activities for this special event. From arranging for a create your own fragrance workshop to doing each other's makeup to end the event, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a totally fun evening. [Read More]

Ready To Become A Better Photographer And Make More Money? Make These Changes Today

If you've been taking photographs for people in your area, like local business owners, real estate professionals, even families, it's important to have the highest quality photos to be sure that you get paid. If you think your photos are great, but sometimes there is a difference in the color that you see and that you want, or that the lighting may have altered your desired result, it's time to make some changes. [Read More]

Ways That Your Staff Might Expect You To Respond After A Team Assessment Survey

When you own a business, distributing assessment surveys to your workforce allows you to get a better sense of their sentiments about their work, each other, and more. It's important to realize that you work on this subject doesn't end once you've distributed and collected the surveys. After your employees have completed their surveys, they'll be eager to see how you respond. While you don't need to completely change your business practices just because of some of the survey answers, you need to take what your employees have said seriously. [Read More]